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Executors and Probate

When making a Will, most people appoint a family member as their Executor. The Executor is legally responsible for sorting out the deceased’s affairs. They apply for the Grant of Probate, collect the deceased’s assets, pay outstanding debts and distribute the...

Signed your Will? What is the best way to store it?

Once you have signed your Will it becomes a very important document.  It makes good sense to look after it, because it becomes even more important after you have passed away. To obtain a Grant of Probate, your Executors must submit your signed Will to the Probate...

Time to Review your Will?

We are living in times of rapid change.  Take a look at the events in Westminster over the last fortnight for example.  Our personal lives may not be as hectic, but over a period time, our circumstances almost certainly change.  Whether the change is good or bad, it...

Considerations for Co-habiting Couples

The Office for National Statistics states that "in 2012, there were 5.9 million people co-habiting in the UK, double the 1996 figure." (1) Although our society continually changes, the law supporting it lags behind. This is the case regarding intestacy and...

Is a Willwriter also a Marketing Expert?

On the face of it, with over the half the adult population not owning a Will, you would think the potential for attracting new clients is relatively straightforward.  Yes, there is a steady flow of business, but it requires marketing skills to convince clients to pick...


Reviewed by G.L.

Ray provided an informative and friendly service. He did not rush things and gave every opportunity to ask questions and for further clarification at each stage.

Reviewed by I.H.

Friendly advice. Many pit falls were pointed out and avoided.

Reviewed by C.H.

The service was excellent. A thorough explanation was given in clear terms. Information and documents were extremely well presented – very professional.

Reviewed by D.M

Ray was very professional, he was very clear in all that we wanted and gave us good strong advise and we are very pleased with his service.

Reviewed by B.J.

Hay Tarn dealt with our Willwriting in an efficient and dignified manner. We felt at ease with Ray and would recommend him to family and friends.