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I was listening to the American Bluesman ‘Seasick Steve’ singing ‘I started out with nothing, and I still got most of it left!’ and wondered if it was worth phoning him to see if he had made a Will. 
I meet many people who think they do not need a Will because they do not have anything worth giving away, and do not know anyone to whom they can leave it.  In most cases this way of thinking is mis-guided, and frankly they are avoiding serious issues by assuming their estate is not worth bothering about.  There again as a Willwriter you would not expect me to say anything else, would you!
Dying without a legal Will automatically puts your affairs into Intestacy, which is as painful as it sounds.  It means that there is a lot of extra work for whoever can be bothered to wind up your estate.  You might not have very much in your estate, but you will most likely have a bank account, a bit of savings maybe and possibly a car.  In other words something that somebody can (and will) make use of.  To deal with closing the accounts, notifying the authorities (even the DHSS) and selling your car requires your best friend or relation obtaining the appropriate documents from the Probate Registrar.  So even if you started out with nothing, but you managed to have a little bit of it left; your friend and or relative will thank you for your foresight to make a Will and make the job of closing your affairs a darn sight easier!
It is always worth talking to qualified Willwriter about your estate.