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Willwriting is hardly the most exciting topic in the world of blogging, especially compared with more exoctic and interesting subjects, like, well anything really.  It is on the surface unbelievably dull and morose. 
When I tell my unsuspecting listener that I am a Willwriter they almost always exercise a thoughtful pause promptly followed by a muttering of ‘Oh’.  Some struggle to retain interest in the conversation but most are polite and illustrate embarrassed composure as they stall for time and words with puzzled hesitation whilst maintaining wistful direct eye contact.  They try in vain to make sense of the bombshell annoucement only finding inappropriate questions and comments with which to reply.  Sometimes my poor listener mis-hears my pronouncement and confuses ‘Willwriter’ with ‘Wheel Wrighter’, the latter being a person who repairs wheels!  However, once we have established the correct profession, the conversation usually requests a reason for my choice of career.  My response is relatively straightforward, to me at least; ‘most people should have a Will, but most of them don’t’. 
By now my listener has either changed the subject, found someone else more interesting to talk to, or, usually informs me that they have been meaning to make a Will for the last five years at least, but haven’t got round to doing anything about it, yet.  From this moment on they have no further excuses!