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Tonight’s programme at 9pm on BBC2 faces up to a couple of controversial issues.  In the first case, a farmer decides to leave his farm to his two sons who work with him on the farm, at the expense of leaving out his daughter, who doesn’t.  The proposal is that he wants the farm to continue in the family tradition and this is impossible if his daughter wants her share of the estate in cash.  The farmer’s wife isn’t too impressed with her husband’s decision, and I guess the daughter is not very excited either. This cauldron of family feuding is the perfect menu for Sir Gerry’s dinner.  Tears and walkouts on the scale of a feisty Archer’s episode methinks.
The second family are devout Muslims.  They try to reconcile being fair to the children, who lead lives in contemporary Britain, with the Koran’s message that sons receive twice as much inheritance as daughters.  It is questioning the parents’ fairness to their children whilst maintaining their Muslim faith.  This is a sensitive topic and one I certainly have not come across before.  On the face of it, it probably is not as feisty as the farmer’s feast, but will certainly debate equality and fairness. 
The bottom line is that decisions about who inherits what in a will can be a difficult and tough choice. What seems right to one person is wrong to others.  Nevertheless, making a Will is far more important than not making one, because leaving the family to haggle and fight will cause lasting hard feelings, rifts and only make rich lawyers richer!