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In 2008 movie star Natascha McElhone was widowed in the prime of her life at just 38 years old.  She was married to Dr Martin Kelly, who at 43 was a brilliant plastic surgeon.  They had two children and a third on the way.  She was working on the Californication TV series in the US.
Martin died suddenly of a heart attack.  He also died without a Will and the events that followed left Natascha in seriously heart-breaking situations.  The issues arose out of the inevitable delay and complexity in accessing the various sources of finance left in her husband’s name.  Even as his wife, she could not transfer money or sell any assets without the appropriate legal documentation and Letters of Administration.
Natascha had to deal with the sudden loss of her husband and father of their three children and deal with the trauma of Intestacy.  In an interview given to the Observer in 2009 she said ‘Horrific. Horrific. Don’t even go there. All I can say is that one really useful thing you can put in your article…. can you please just say, to anyone who has a child, write a Will. Even if you are 26, just write one!’
As a Willwriter you would expect me to agree with Natascha, but as a father, and a son of my father, I can imagine the emotions she has gone through.  Think about it.