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When I started Hay Tarn Willwriting Services, I thought long and hard about including the word ‘Services’ in its name title.  The marketing gurus will say it is too long and lacks snappy, rolling off the tongue sharpness required of a modern brand.  The sales people would say it sounds too old fashioned and a tad confusing. 

So why did I include the word?  Well, it tells the potential client there is a range of products available.  Not only do I prepare Wills, but I also provide Lasting Powers of Attorney, Trusts and Probate services.  However, more importantly through Hay Tarn Willwriting Services I want to ‘supply’ ‘service’ to clients through effective communication, prompt action, attention to detail, and a high quality product.
  • A potential client telephoned yesterday and I was able to hand deliver a copy of my brochure and information sheets directly within two hours. 
  • I visit each client in their own home to take instructions and supervise the important signing and witnessing procedure.  Many clients, especially the elderly ones, appreciated this in the recent appalling weather conditions.
  • I take time to explain every detail of the Will and especially the process of how it works in different scenarios.
This might not seem earth shattering, but my clients are not complaining and it is an important feature of the way Hay Tarn Willwriting Services operates.  It is the extra mile.
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