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Statistically there must be some amongst you who have not made a Will – yet!  Seventy percent of the population do not have a valid Will mainly because we do not want to face up to our own demise.
Sir Gerry Robinson, the well known business advisor from previous Channel 4 and BBC programmes is hosting a new series on BBC starting tomorrow night at 9.00pm.  It is called ‘Can’t take it with you’ and takes a hard hitting look at the good sense of making a Will.
Follow this link for a preview artcle:
Can’t take it with you
In the past the BBC have made disparaging remarks about independent Willwriters (like me) and protests to them from the Institute of Professional Willwriters (of which I am a member) have fallen on deaf ears.  This programme was made without consultating the IPW.  The IPW is actively lobbying the government to regulate the industry and promotes the IPW code of practice, which is monitored by the Office of Fair Trading, and as close to regulation as anything.
Anyway, in a former life, I have some experience of how Sir Gerry operates, and I dare say he will give a fair hearing.  Let’s see, but for anybody who is contemplating preparing a Will, this is a must see series!!