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If you ask the question ‘What is a Will?’, most people answer it is a document disposing of your estate after you have died.  That is correct, but it also protects and secures the beneficiaries of the Will.  For example I have made several posts in this blog relating to Guardians for children.  A Will can also provide for a surviving partner to continue to live in the shared house for as long as they are able, and then for the house to passed to someone else, for example children from a previous marriage.  Another example is providing for those people who would not inherit directly from you unless you had prepared a valid Will.  For example carers, charities and friends.  All these beneficiaries inherit from a deliberate choice of action created by a Will. 
The Will not only directs the action, but because a correctly worded Will is a clear statement of intent, it  protects the beneficiaries from others who might believe they have a claim.  Don’t leave it chance – prepare your Will.