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Benny Hill was one of my favourite comedians.  His slap stick humour was appreciated and acknowledged far and wide.  Sadly he died alone in his apartment in 1992.
Benny made a Will thirty-one years before his death in which he left everything to his parents, but they had died before him and therefore he was declared intestate. Next in line were his brothers and sisters, but they had died before him also.  Ultimately his nieces and nephews benefitted from his £10 million estate under the intestacy laws.  It was alledged that a note, found in his apartment, assigned huge amounts of money to his close friends.  However, it could not be proved as a legally valid Will.  A good arguement to review your Will frequently!
It is rumoured (by the Mail on Sunday, so it must be true!) that Sir Harry Secombe’s Will could not be found despite him telling everyone he had made one. It took three years to sort out his affairs. A good arguement for safe storage!
Jerome K Jerome wrote in his Will, ‘If a man dies without leaving a Will then all his property goes to the nearest villian.  If a man dies leaving a Will, then all his property goes to whoever can get possession of that Will’.  Another good arguement to store your Will safely and securely.
In his Will, William Shakespeare left his ‘second best bed’ to his wife.  That was Will’s Will! Looking after his beneficiaries.
Richard Burton’s stated that any beneficiary contesting any part of his Will would lose the bequest completely.
It is reported that Cary Grant left $70 million to his fifth wife and only son, and left his clothes to Frank Sinatra.