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Tonight’s programme is for everybody who owns a business.  It is about the problems encountered when ensuring a business continues after the owner has passed away.  Family businesses are especially vulnerable as we see in tonight’s programme.  After years of building up an empire, the owners often like to pass the reigns over to the sons and daughters through their Wills.  There are some technical issues to resolve between the Memorandum and Articles of Association, but the really big issues are the emotional ones within the family.
In tonight’s programme, the charm of Sir Gerry prizes out the issues separating the drive to ensure the business continues to thrive from the lack of interest and cashing in on the hard work of a couple of generations.
I am a big fan of Sir Gerry’s style and watching the way he encourages people to say what they really mean and the eloquence of his conversation in very difficult and tense situations, makes compelling viewing.
I have learnt a lot from this series, which I hope I can pass onto my clients.