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Tonight’s programme on preparing Wills appears on BBC2 at 9pm.
The focus this week is about children.  If you have following the blog recently, you will have read about Guardians.  Sarah, from the first couple, has children from previous relationships and wants her current partner to be Guardian to them if she dies.  She is also worried that her former partner might try to separate the children.  This is a hugely tricky situation, which calls into question parental responsibility, and legal and moral issues.  I am sure the couple will have to face difficult decisions around Sir Gerry’s dining table.
The second couple have difficulties selecting the Guardians for their children.  It is natural to consider the grandparents, but there are huge unforeseen practical difficulties regarding age, location and a host of other difficulties to face if a tragedy occurs.
Great TV and I anticipate a good follow up to my previous blogs.