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If you watch Corrie you will know that Fiz is attempting to dupe a solicitor into passing over to her, or more accurately her husband, an inheritance from Mrs Fishwick.
If you don’t know – Fiz is married to John Stape, who is also known as Colin.  Colin is Mrs Fishwick’s son, but the real John murdered the real Colin and buried him underneath the knicker factory (which at the time was being rebuilt following a hostage taking, an arson attack and a shooting – you couldn’t make it up, really).  The problem is that the real John is a compulsive liar and he had already assumed the identity of the real Colin in order to get a job at a school following his release from prison where he spent time for abducting his neighbour’s daughter. Are you still with me? Good, now read on and keep up.
Not everybody knows that the real John assumed he was the real Colin, but Fiz (unreal, really) does know.  In trying to cover his tracks he murdered Mrs Fishwick because she kept mithering him about her son Colin, whom she had lost contact with (not surprising because he is dead) and John became tired of covering up his perpetual lies.  The trouble is, despite all the crimes John committed, he could not handle his double (even triple) life anymore and suffered a nervous breakdown.
So, enter the hapless (clueless?) solicitor to give the news to (unreal) Fiz that her husband John, sorry Colin, is due to inherit from Colin’s  mother’s Will.  Fiz unconvincingly tells the solicitor a cock and bull story about not wanting the money because of a family disagreement, but later, after he has gone, she changes her mind and decides it would be a good idea to get hands on it.  This makes sense (in Corrie Land) because Colin is in hospital with his breakdown (although he could be faking it), Fiz cannot work because she is dashing back and forth to the hospital where her real baby girl (called Hope) is fighting for her life after a premature birth in the middle of tram crash! They are broke and this inheritance is a life line.  What would you do?
Where this story line will end up, God only knows.  I want the solicitor to fall for this outrage and willingly hand over the inheritance to Fiz, John (Colin) and Hope.  This will end up with the solicitor being sued for negligence, and struck off the register.  Serve him right too!
Thursday night’s programme is a must see, but if you miss it, see Friday’s blog for an update on Fiz’s moral dilema.  Will she become Fiz Fishwick and get the money? Will John be proud of his wife’s lies?  Will Hope have a new playpen? Will the solicitor look like a duck walking on ice or an octopus in a telephone kiosk?