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Coronation Street’s Fizz Stape (or Fizz Fishwick as she prefers) is pulling the emotional heart-strings of Mrs Fishwick’s poor old solicitor and executor to her estate.  The story is totally bonkers, but very entertaining because although we know that Fizz is morally wrong to lie and claim the inheritance, I can’t help thinking that the solicitor is a total numpty.
In the opening scene the half-full (half-empty even) whiskey decanter in the background is a bit of a give away, and clearly less impressive than the piles of paperwork and his executive style chair.
Nevertheless, Fizz puts her plan into action and stumbles on using her wit against little wisdom offered by the be-spectacled grey haired, whisky drinking, solicitor who has represented Mrs Fishwick for thirty years.
Surely, any solicitor worth his salt would be looking for more identification from Fizz, especially as she is clearly uncertain of the facts and obviously making it up as she goes along.
The solicitor reveals that many years ago he and his wife had a baby that died in its infancy.  He understands the anguish that Fizz feels for baby Hope, and wants to help her through the troubled times.
It is a barmy story, but I am just loving the behaviour of the solicitor as a representative of his profession, and can see that by this summer he will occupy a prison cell next to Fizz, John and baby Hope in Strangeways (very apt name don”t you think?).
Go Fizz Go.
In an act of supreme sympathy, the solicitor offers to transfer around £8,000 into John’s bank account.  This is even before probate to the Will is granted, meaning he does not have authority to do this anyway.  Oh come on, he deserves to be punished all the way by Fizz.