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There are two programmes currently on TV highlighting Wills.  The BBC2 series Can’t Take It With You and, surprisingly, Coronation Street.
The solicitors administrating the estate of Mrs Fishwick have approached Fiz.  However, Fiz does not know that her husband, John, has murdered Mrs Fishwick, but she does know that John stole the identity of Mrs Fishwick’s son, Colin.  Fiz put up an unlikely story that John, sorry Colin, did not want to know anything about the inheritance from Mrs Fishwick and the solicitor seemingly, bought the story.  However, after she had thought about what she could do with the money, she has concluded she had better fabricate a story so John, or Colin if you prefer, could inherit.  I think John (not Colin) is recovering from a nervous breakdown, so his opinion does not count anyway.  I can’t wait for the outcome, especially if Fiz dupes the solicitor.  What a story that will be for all the solicitors doubting that independent Willwriters are not up to the job!!!
Sir Gerry on the other hand dealt with a couple of tricky situations on last Friday’s Can’t Take It With You programme.  Both families addressed issues on ‘fairness’ in distributing their estate amongst their very different, respective families.  Two quotations stood out; ‘Fairness matters’ and ‘Conflict is a reason why you do not talk about the Will’.  The family of farmers had completely different views regarding what was fair and what they thought was right for the business.  The family who held strong Islamic beliefs found it difficult to agree with the definition of fairness in the Quaran, but equally hard to support Western beliefs in fairness.  Each family came to their own decisions after a lot of soul searching and each of the ensuing discussions revealed that initial thoughts are not always necessarily the right ones.
The Willwriter’s skill is to listen to the wishes of the testator, to offer advice and help if asked and to protect the interests of the nominated beneficiaries in a well-written Will.  Each programme clearly demonstrated these points through drama in real and fictitious circumstances.