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The Tenth of Ten Lovable Reasons to make a Will. 
Today there is an event in Uppermill (Saddleworth) for those people who want to face up to the issues surrounding the inevitable; death.  Throughout my blog, I have avoided using the ‘D’ word because most of us quite frankly do not want to think about it.  However, today I am making an exception because in just a few hours time I will attending the event as the Saddleworth Willwriter.
Your Will is your ‘voice from the grave’, and it is true that it only becomes effective after the death of the testator.  However, it is your voice and it is your chance to record wishes and comments and who should inherit what.  I have mentioned Intestacy, care home fees and tax but your Will is also a chance to leave instructions about your funeral, what music or hymns, whether you want to go ‘hot’ or ‘cold’ (cremated or buried) and a guide to represent the right to dignity – the right amount of what is right for you.
It isn’t easy to do, but it could be fun in a perverse sort of way.