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The Fifth of Ten Lovable Reasons to make a Will. 
When preparing your Will, your Willwriter asks you to compare what you own with what you owe.  This is your personal balance sheet and it gives you idea of how much you are worth. After considering life assurance and death in service benefits, a picture of your financial situation emerges. 
The balance sheet helps you decide how to distribute your estate through your Will, but it also helps you to review your savings and investments.  Are they working hard enough for you?
In today’s world, we have a clear responsibility for our pensions.  Employers and the Government do not help as much any more.  Maximising the potential of your pension is not an accident and the issues do not go away if we bury our heads in the sand. 
The personal balance sheet is an excellent way to keep you in financial control.  Simple financial planning and regular review keeps you financially fit and healthy. 
Taking control of your Will and finances helps you plan for the welfare and prosperity of your family.
Willwriters do not provide financial advice, but they can put you in touch with an advisor.