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The Sixth of Ten Lovable Reasons to make a Will. 
With a well-written Will, the estate becomes much easier to distribute.  It is clear who will inherit from the estate, the beneficiaries receive their inheritance more quickly and there is a framework for the executor to work with.  It is also likely to be cheaper to administer, which leaves more of the estate for those that need it.  There is more certainty about who is entitled to what, and whilst this might still lead to family squabbles, it is a legal statement of intent.
Think if you were administering a friend’s estate, how much easier it becomes if it is organised and well documented.  Closing accounts, selling assets and distributing the estate is quicker and decisive because you have a well-written Will telling you everything you need to know.
You might not be around to enjoy the benefits of distributing your own well-administered estate, but your executors will certainly thank you for the consideration, care and thoughtfulness you show.  The gift of thoughtfulness is as important as any gift from your estate.