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The Eighth of Ten Lovable Reasons to make a Will. 
So far, I have blogged positive lovable reasons to make a Will that help you and your family.  Now it is the time to remember a charity.  Many charities depend on legacies for their funding and it is becoming more difficult as the market becomes more competitive.  On the other hand, when making your Will, it is a time to contemplate if you want to help and support an organisation that has helped you in the past.  It might be the Lifeboats or Mountain Rescue, it could be Cancer Research or RNIB or it could be a charity you want to help to help others less fortunate like the Salvation Army or Shelter.   
Whatever the cause, the warm glow of satisfaction of leaving any amount of money to a worthy cause is long lasting. 
You should think about it.  It does not need to be a big amount to make a difference.