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The Ninth of Ten Lovable Reasons to make a Will. 
Did you know that through their Wills married couples could make certain useful provisions to lighten the impact of fees payable by the survivor if they had to go into care?
By changing the tenancy of the property they live in to ‘tenants in common’, each ‘tenant’ owns fifty percent of the house and through mirror Wills may leave their share in trust to (say) their children.  The trust allows the survivor of them to continue living in the house unfettered for as long as they are able.  At some later stage, the survivor may enter a care home and they have to pay a share of the fees out of the assets they own.  However, the means test can only take into account their half share in the property because the other half is held in trust.
This does not work for sole owners of properties, or for those people already widowed, but it is something for married couples to think about, especially if they are entering retirement.
When the survivor dies, their share of the house falls into residue, the original trust ends and both shares are jointly distributed under the terms of the original mirror Wills.
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