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What a great experience I have had today at Oldham Library.  I gave a talk on ‘Don’t leave it to chance; Prepare your Will’ to an audience of ten people, and by all accounts and from the feedback, it was a success.  I must admit I enjoy giving talks and presentations where I am in control of my subject and the audience is there because they want to be.
The most interesting part of the talk was, once again, Guardians.  It seems more and more people are conscious of making sure their children are looked after according to their wishes in the event of a tradgedy.  Many people do not realise how to appointment a Guardian through a Will with a select portfolio of financial products with the financial security of the children assured if they are left without parents.  I was given the opportunity to discuss this subject and the interest shown was very positive.
In addition I talked about creating Property Trusts to mitigate care home fees, and most people were unaware of the possibilities and opportunities open to them right now, for very little cost and the potential to save thousands of pounds.
The event was excellent and one I shall do again. 
Do you know a group or organisation that would be interested in an entertaining talk from a Willwriter?  If you do contact me now.