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This Saturday morning Saddleworth is hosting an event called ‘Dying with Dignity’.  The venue is the SacredHeartParishChurch on Uppermill High Street between 10 am and 1pm and is organised by Saddleworth churches.
It is an information morning (or should that be mourning) and it is hoped to help people who have fears and questions about an extremely sensitive subject.
There are many people troubled with questions about dying, including those who put off making their Will, because their emotions take over.  This event is at the core of Willwriting and a great opportunity to overcome the trepidation of making a Will.
Do not worry about the prospect of spending a few moments in the company of undertakers and Dickensian solicitors, just pop with a cheery hello to Hay Tarn Wills.  There is 10% discount if you mention this Blog post.