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I am presenting my first talk at Oldham library tomorrow at 1pm, and I am really looking forward to it.

The agenda covers Wills mentioned in the Bible (yes, it is true), Wills from Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and medieval Britain.  I have lots of examples of legacies given to the church, prisoners and even the wife!
I go on to talk about the Goon Wills, and what a comedy that was.  This leads nicely into the flexibility of modern Wills and covers Guardians, Property Protection Trusts, special gifts and charities.  Also about the horrors of Intestacy.
I am wrapping up with the way in which I put a Will together, and the service and value for money the client receives.

If you make it great.  If you want me to walk the talk and visit your group or society, or even if you want to discuss your own Will, just follow the link and get in touch.