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I have just watched tonight’s BBC 1 Comic Relief programme Famous, Rich and in the Slums.  I visited Nairobi a few years ago and witnessed the poverty and life on the streets first hand, so I was naturally intrigued.  The Kibera area is home to one million people in an area of one and a half square miles.  It is unimaginably squalled.  The people in the programme were decent people on the edge of having no hope.  Yet they survive, somehow. 
Angela Rippon said it is like living hand to mouth, except most of the time there is nothing to put into the mouth.  Lenny Henry could not believe an orphaned family could live in a house with an overwhelming sewage problem. Samantha Womack sampled the life of a young mother driven to prostitution to feed her family.  Daily life in Africa’s biggest slum, and it is a sad fact that the same problem exists in many other cities around the world.

We can only try to make the suffering a little easier for these folk.  The problem is probably too big to resolve, but that should not stop us from personally trying.

We can give to Comic Relief and the host of charities trying to cope.
We can thank our lucky stars we live in England, despite the doom and gloom of rising petrol prices and shrinking pensions.

Let’s all just do something, however small the gesture might be.