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From Hay Tarn Willwriting Services – March 2011
Royal Wedding promotion – do you know Will and Kate?
Do you know a couple called Will and Kate?  Alternatively, do you know a Will but not a Kate or a Kate but not a Will?  If you do then they could claim a free Will or 50% discount.  It’s different and much better value than a Royal Wedding fridge magnet!!!  All clients completing Wills before the wedding are eligible for a special draw of a bottle of champagne.
Please go to www.haytarnwills.co.uk for more information.
Social Networking – is it working for Willwriting?
Some of you have discovered @hay_tarn_wills on Twitter and I have some followers of the Saddleworth Willwriter’s blog.  It is too early to claim it is having a significant impact in the world of Willwriting because it is a long-term project.  Nevertheless, I have received encouraging feedback from people who know a thing or two about these things.  There is a good source of Will related information accumulating.  Do not forget to tell your clients, family and friends to have a look if they have a query.
Public Talks
Recently, Oldham Library and Life Learning Centre very kindly invited me to talk about the history of Wills and how a modern Will appoints a guardian and can mitigate against care home fees.  Following this success, two more dates have been booked:
Ø      Oldham Library on Monday 5 May 2011 between 1pm to 2pm
Ø      Lees Library on Wednesday 18 May 2011 between 1pm and 2pm
My interest in Willwriting allows me to create interesting and entertaining talks.  I am offering to speak free of charge to any group or organisation, for fifteen minutes to one hour or more.  Please see the attached publicity note.
Mitigating Care Fees through your Will
Married couples approaching retirement often review their finances ready for the big change.  How many of them think about using their Wills to create a Flexible Life Interest Trust (FLIT)?  The couple have to own their house as tenants in common and in their Wills leave their share of it in trust to (say) their children.  The FLIT allows the surviving spouse to continue to live in the house unfettered, but, if they have to go into care, the local authority can only assess the half of the house that belongs to them.  The other half remains in trust and does not contribute towards care fees.  The FLIT allows the survivor to receive income from their partner’s previous investments, but the capital is protected from the assessment.  It is a welcome addition to a Will and helps preserve assets for distribution to the family.  Please contact me for more information.
Shop Local Festival – Uppermill Civic Hall Sunday 20 March 2011
This is an opportunity for local Saddleworth businesses, including Hay Tarn Willwriting Services, to present their products and services to the public.  The festival is open from 10am until 4pm.  Please help to support local business by referring the Festival to your clients, family and friends.  Shop Local – Support Saddleworth!