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You can now down load my brochure from Hay Tarn’s website. 
It includes a description of the business, a few words about me and a short account about the leading body for Willwriters in England and Wales; The Institute of Professional Willwriters.
There is also a section outlining Hay Tarn’s simple five stage approach to Willwriting.  It is a summary of the attention I pay to the detail and the steps I take to ensure my clients fully understand their Will and the processes required to produce a first class quality product.  I have received very positive feedback about this approach and I am very proud and pleased that it is exactly what my clients require.
The brochure also contains a few words about estates, beneficiaries and your Will, and finally some questions and answers.  It is worth a look!
You can download from here: www.haytarnwills.co.uk
More information about the Institute of Professional Willwriters can be seen here: www.ipw.org.uk