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On the 24 March Oldham is holding its first Twestival event.  What, I hear you ask, is that?  Well it all starts with Twitter, the internet’s answer to texting.  I am guessing you have heard of Twitter because you know about blogs.  The Twestival uses Twitter to connect communities on a single day to highlight a great cause and have a bit of fun at the same time.  All proceeds go to a local charity, and this year the Oldham Mountain Rescue Team will benefit. 
Twestival events are taking place in scores of cities around the world; from Sydney to Santiago, from Osaka to Oldham! 
On the 24 March there are two events taking place in Oldham:
  1. The Sunlight Festival starts at 4pm and is being held at Earl Dance Centre on Dowry Street, Oldham.  The family activities include dance workshops, music and cookery demos.
  2. At 6pm the attention turns to Boundary Park, home to Oldham Athletic.  The Twestival After Dark event will have a quiz (Twiz) a raffle and an auction.  In the backgraound there will be a Twitter Wall where we can link up with other Twestival events around the world.
It is going to be good fun. 
You can get tickets from here: http://uk.amiando.com/TwestivalOldham.html
Twitter account is here: http://twitter.com/#!/TwestivalOldham
Lots of local businesses have pledged support, so come along and make it happen.