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I Googled ‘On line Wills’ and the first website in a list of 12 million returns promised to create an online Will as follows:
Ø      From a simple multi-choice questionnaire
Ø      Money back guarantee
Ø      Fixed prices
Ø      Professionally checked documentation
Ø      No waiting or phone calls
Ø      Tens of thousands of satisfied customers
Ø      Security and peace of mind
Is this what people are really looking for?  Something simple, cheap, quick but with a promise of security safety net.   Hmmmm
There is undoubtedly a demand for this type of service, but it does not mean it is a good service.  Technology is driving a solution based on a series of questions the answers to which are at best, ‘one size fits all’.  By its nature, there are no alternative answers with appropriate solutions meeting the client’s needs.  Remember the concept of the online Will is its simple nature; therefore, providing too many answers only creates complication.
Price is an obvious selling point of the on line Will.  Nobody wants to pay more than necessary for anything.  But what kind of mirror Will are you getting for £60?  I have speculated the answer to that already.  You get what you pay for.
Speed is also essential to the on-line Will.  Everybody wants something in an instant.  The online Will is beginning to sound like the equivalent of a cyber McDonald’s burger!
There is a demand for online Wills and some Willwriters are happy to provide the service under the conditions they advertise.  It satisfies a small market that probably had never even thought about a Will until they stumbled upon it and thought it good idea.
However, for good service and superior quality, there is no substitute for a qualified Willwriter, preferably a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters.
What do on line Wills promise?  Cheap, simple and quick, that’s it.  Not good enough.