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BBC2’s The Wonders of the Universe presented by Saddleworth’s own Professor Brian Cox featured some fascinating concepts about time, or more precisely the passage of time between past and future.  He described the ‘arrow of time’ relentlessly marching into the future and how impossible it is to reverse events that occured in the past.  At first this reminded me of a clever piece of graffiti I saw daubed on a wall many years ago; ‘Time flies like an arrow; fruit flys like a banana’. 
However, I started to think about how the arrow of time affects Willwriting.  Professor Cox described the ‘joy and tragedy of life’ as the arrow drives constantly forward, and this reminded me of the sadness created by the death of a loved one.  One millisecond life exists, the next it is gone forever.  It is impossible to go back and make things different, to change the outcome. 
I made a connection between this profound statement and making a Will.  By making a Will, you are preparing a statement that only becomes effective in your future, after your death.  You can change your Will as frequently as you like whilst living in the present, but once that moment comes and life ceases, there is no turning back.  If you have not made a Will, it is too late and the people left riding on the arrow of time have to sort out your affairs for you.  They cannot go back to make you write a Will or ask you important questions, it is too late and it is in the past.
Professor Cox said ‘the future is always different from the past’, but through your Will you are preparing for the future of other people.  Your Will can significantly shape and affect the lives of your loved ones. 
Our life on the universe may only exist for a brief moment, but a good Will is the foundation for the future.