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The most active legacy of Willwriters in the UK is the Institute of Professional Willwriters.  The IPW was founded in 1991 and since then the membership has grown to over eight hundred members.  The principal of regulation is the core feature of the IPW and through its code of practice, it safeguards the public from unqualified practitioners and unethical business practices.
In 2010, the IPW won approval for its code of practice from the Office of Fair Trading under their Consumer Codes Approval Scheme.  Although the future of the OFT is in some doubt, the IPW remains committed to regulation and is actively supporting the Law Society with its campaign to regulate Willwriters.
Once an individual has passed the IPW exams, he or she can apply to become a member.  However, before starting to write Wills he has to obtain professional indemnity insurance of at least £2 million and set up business processes, including stationery and computer systems that comply with the code of practice.  This takes time, but the result is a clear professional image, in which the client can be confident. 
There is a huge amount of knowledge amongst the IPW and through the member’s forum, all sorts of scenarios and issues are discussed and resolved.  In addition, there is a support service offering advice and solutions on very specific problems from leaving money to the cat’s home to the workings of complicated trusts.
Please visit the website.  www.ipw.org.uk