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There was a time, about twenty years ago, when life did not revolve around the Internet.  Today’s technology offers many opportunities to the Willwriter and I wonder if was because of the Internet I became a Willwriter in the first place.  Certainly, my experience of the Internet whilst installing IT systems in Singapore airport running off servers in WashingtonDC and transmitting data to Hong Kong, gave me confidence that I could run a business with the Internet as part of my strategy.  However, will the Internet take over Willwriting?
An off the cuff answer is, yes of course, because we can do almost everything on the Internet.  In addition, because a Will is a highly structured document, breaking it down into its component parts is no different than placing the weekly shopping order at Tesco.com. 
However, my view is that the Internet cannot replace the personal touch provided by any Willwriter worth his salt.  A good Willwriter cares about the Wills he, or she, drafts and prepares for his clients.  I want to understand what it is my clients want to achieve.  I am eager to create a Will that provides the ideal solution for my client and his beneficiaries.  I insist on personal service and quality of product.
Making Wills online, in my view from the world of Willwriting, is no substitute.  This is not to say that the on-line Will does not have its place, because clearly it will satisfy a demand in certain quarters.  However, it comes with a price, and possibly a very high price at that.
The Saddleworth Willwriter is no Luddite when it comes to computer technology, and I will exploit every advantage I can from it.  However, I will not compromise on personal service and products of the highest quality.
In the next few blogs, I will look at the perceived advantages and disadvantages of on-line Wills and try to predict where the Internet is taking the profession.