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The public face of Willwriting appears deadly dull and dreary, but underneath there is just as much humour and comedy as you find in any other group of professionals.  As you will know by now, the Saddleworth Willwriter is projecting a polished professional image, but there is a sparkle in the eye for a bit of fun now and then.
This week the Institute of Professional Willwriters (IPW) held its twentieth AGM at the NEC in Birmingham.  It was the annual gathering of the clan from every corner of the country and possibly the largest ever gathering of a group of Willwriters.  What do you think about that? 
Because it was a grand and great occasion, I started to think about collective nouns for Willwriters.  Most of the time Willwriters work alone and contact with fellow professionals is through the forum on the IPW website.  It is rare that a group of Willwriters meet to talk about, well Wills I suppose. 
What collective name should we give to such a group?  I intend to find out by asking around and inviting suggestions (clean please) through the blog, twitter, IPW forum and Oldham Business Network.
My starters are:
Ø             A precedent of Willwriters (serious)
Ø             A scribe of Willwriters (sounds like hard work)
Ø             A testament of Willwriters (I like that – sounds God like)
Any suggestions?