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Seeing as it is the run in to the Royal Wedding, the Saddleworth Willwriter thought it would a great opportunity to join in the fun by playing on Prince Will’s name.  I’m sure he won’t mind (fingers crossed).
If your name is Will and that of your partner is Kate – Hay Tarn will prepare your Wills for free.
Even if you are a Will, but your partner is not a Kate, or, if you are not a Will but your partner is a Kate, Hay Tarn will offer 50% discount on your Wills. 
To make it more fun, if your surname is Middleton you can also claim a discount of 50%. 
Is there a Kate Middleton wanting a Will? That would be good!
Even if your name is not Will, Kate or Middleton and Hay Tarn prepares your Will before 28 April, your name will qualify for a Royal Wedding prize draw give away bottle of champagne.
To qualify you must live within a 25 mile radius of Saddleworth.  The closing date is 28 April 2011, the day before the wedding.
This is much better than a Royal Wedding celebration plate, mug or fridge magnet.
Hay Tarn Wills does not discrimate against single people – you can join in as well!
Go to Hay Tarn’s website for more details www.haytarnwills.co.uk