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This blog article outlines my approach to completing the LPA application.
There are two main considerations:
  1. The client’s confidence
  2. The information required to complete the form
In most cases, the client does not fully understand the LPA and this is my starting point.  With the aid of a factsheet, I guide him through each component part of the LPA.  There are sections on what the LPA is trying to achieve, the people involved with creating the LPA and their duties, how the LPA may be restricted, certain conditions that may be applied and guidance that the client might like to give.
In little over half an hour, I have given the client greater confidence and allowed him to think clearly about how he would like the LPA to operate.
The next stage is to outline each step in the process in creating the LPA, starting with taking instructions and details, completing the forms, signing and witnessing and finally registration.
At this point, the client fully understands and his confidence level has soared.  The next step is a simple matter of taking details and instructions at which point the meeting ends.
My operating principle is to ensure my clients fully understand the process in which they find themselves.  Sometimes matters appear complicated but if the client does not receive sufficient time to gain understanding, his confidence is low and ultimately leads to a poor result.
Service is important, but quality of service is more important, and consistency of service is more important still.