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Social Networking – is it working for Willwriting?
Measuring success on Twitter and Blogger by the number of people who slavishly follow every tweet and blog post is missing the point of a powerful marketing tool.  Many Twitter sceptics refer to the group of ‘twitterers’ who enjoy telling the world what they ate for breakfast. This minority, but important group are happy doing their own thing. However, there is a vast array of individuals and local businesses using Twitter to promote themselves and each other.  It is a dynamic way to express the personality of a business and, in Hay Tarn’s case, to break down the barriers people have towards writing their Wills.  In addition, I have successfully referred friends as well as promoted other businesses amongst my followers. It is a win win situation.
Public Talks
The Saddleworth Carers Group very kindly invited me to speak at their meeting last week.  They requested a talk on Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and Advance Decisions, and I decided to speak about my approach to preparing these documents and explained that by taking time with the client, trust and confidence is established between us, which allows the client to concentrate on making important decisions rather than worrying how to complete complicated documents. 
I am also speaking to the Parkinson’s Disease Society on Wednesday 27 April at the Honeywell Centre in Oldham.
Events booked so far in May include lunchtime talks at Oldham library on Thursday 5 May and Lees library on Wednesday 18 May.  All are welcome, and please inform friends or clients if they have been considering a Will.
If you know of a group who are looking for an entertaining speaker on an unusual subject, or if you are planning a seminar, please contact me.  All talks are free.
Lasting Power of Attorney and Advance Decisions
Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions are documents for clients who want to prepare for future situations where they may not have full mental capacity to make their own decisions.  They uphold a person’s right to choose by allowing, for example, choices of treatment and administration if, for whatever reason, they do not have ability to decide for themselves.  LPAs and Advance Decisons are highly personal and emotive documents and clients need respect and sensitivity when preparing them.  Clients often lose track of the purpose of these documents and become confused by process to produce them.  The latter is my job and after explaining the detail I reassure the client that all they have to worry about is deciding how they want the documents to work, and leave the complicated parts to me.
More details about LPA’s and Advance Decisions will appear on the website during April.
National Will Safe
Storing a valid Will is just as, if not more than, important as making one.  Hay Tarn does not recommend storing Wills at home or at the bank because too many things can go wrong, from the grandchildren drawing on it to the bank manager refusing access to your executors.
The National Will Safe is a purpose built secure document storage centre.  It costs £25 per year to store a Will and, by using a simple access procedure, a client or executor can expect delivery of a Will within 24 hours.  Hay Tarn always recommends this option to clients.