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Since starting my blog about Wills, I have delivered a consistent message about preparing a valid Will.  Most of my readers are aware of the benefits but there are still a high percentage of people ignoring the advice.  My last two posts have hinted at the possibility that an expected inheritance might not materialise because the estate is suddenly required to pay for care home fees.  Most people are horrified that their lifetime savings may potentially disappear in care fees and most beneficiaries are concerned that their inheritance becomes earmarked for expensive care homes. 
In an age where everybody is looking to save money, it surprises me that many people fail to notice how a few simple steps can save literally thousands of pounds, and protect your loved ones.
First step
Make a Will and appoint a Guardian for your children.  Why is it people happily spend £160 on a Recaro Child Car seat but do not consider spending £145 with Hay Tarn for a mirror Will including appointing a Guardian?  In an outcome of the car accident they are trying to avoid, the child seat saves the life of the toddler but, sadly, not of the parents. 
A valid Will establishes a framework and you can build upon it as your life changes.  It ensures the right people inherit, especially where there are extended families and second relationships and if nothing else, it avoids the vagaries of intestacy. It makes so much sense, and by letting Hay Tarn do the work, it is a very easy thing to do that could make a vast difference to some very important people in your life.
Second step
Consider making a Family Protection Trust.  The FPT provides additional protection your assets (estate) in your lifetime and additional control when it is distributed.  It also has the potential to save tens of thousands of pounds and therefore more inheritance for your beneficiaries.
In the last couple of years, we have realised the prospect of substantial university fees, unimaginable pension provisions, unobtainable deposits for owning property and significant prices for everyday living costs.  The FPT protects your estate from unnecessary costs and therefore protect and increase the value of your estate.
Over the next few days, I will explain how.