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American tycoon Wellington Burt (what a fantastic name!) died in 1919. In his lifetime, he managed to amass a $100million fortune as a timber merchant.  In his Will, he instructed not to distribute the bulk of his estate until 21 years after the death of his last surviving grandchild.  This unusual arrangement is the result of a combination of his eccentricity and continuous family feuding. 
Wellington’s only concession was an annual payment of $30,000 to a favourite son, and leaving small sums between $1,000 and $5,000 to the remaining children.  It was a remarkably harsh way to treat the family, but shows how, through your Will; you have the right to choose how and where to distribute your assets.
The last surviving grandchild died in 1989, and in accordance with his wishes, twelve descendents are to receive payments in varying amounts depending on how close their relationship is to Wellington.
The Probate Judge residing over the case said it was the most difficult one he had ever dealt with.  Although eccentric, Wellington probably knew exactly what he was doing, which was not good news for his six children, seven grandchildren, six great grandchildren and eleven great great grandchildren who were side tracked and disinherited.
Nineteen year old Christina Cameron is Wellington‘s great great great grand-daughter and is about to receive $2.9 million.
Where’s the phone book mother?