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At the age of 45, Chris John had amassed a £5 million fortune from his South Wales property development business.  For seven years he had not finalised his divorce from his wife Helen and was in a long-term relationship with Gillian Clemo.  This is clearly a set of circumstances where, any Willwriter worth his salt would have recommended to Mr John that he prepare a Will to make his wishes clear in the event of his death. Sadly, he did not listen to a member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and his good intention to prepare his Will remained in the mid table of the ‘To Do List’.
Mr John died suddenly from a brain haemorrhage.
Under the Intestacy laws, his wife Helen would inherit most of his fortune, but this did not stop Mr John’s girlfriend from forging a Will in an attempt to wrestle the fortune from Helen.
However, on hearing this news, Helen produced her own forgery of Mr John’s Will!! Understandably, the Probate Registrar suspected something fishy was going on and called in the police.
The first forgery, argued his wife, contained errors that Mr John would have spotted. In addition, his signature appeared suspicious.  It comes as no surprise that Gillian Clemo disinherited Mrs John and her family in the forged Will.  When she heard this news, Mrs John decided to ‘rectify’ the forged Will by creating a forgery of her own.  The case continues and it will be interesting to see the conclusions.
The lengths people go to can be amazing, but the lesson is the same as ever, ‘Don’t Leave It to Chance; Prepare your Will’.