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The title sounds like a firm of solicitors doesn’t it. I scaled back my blogging activity during April because I have been working on a new product that you can read more about later. However, this has reflected in the Google search for ‘Saddleworth Willwriter’, so it goes to show that maintaining the effort of blogging is worthwhile if you want to keep in front.
I have made a few changes to the website this month; adding pages on Family Protection Trusts, Lasting Power of Attorney and Advance Decisions.

Public Talks
The Oldham Parkinson’s Group very kindly invited me to speak at their meeting last week.  The chairman asked me to talk about Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney, Advance Decisions and Family Protection Trusts in 45 minutes. Quite a tall order, but I caught the interest of the audience and they asked many questions making the session last 1 ½ hour!
The next talks are Thursday 5 May 1pm at Oldham library, Wednesday 11 May for Delph Senior Citizens, Tuesday 17 May 2pm at Hyde library, Wednesday 18 May 1pm at Lees library, Thursday 19 May 2pm at Denton library.
If you know of a group who are looking for an entertaining talk on an unusual subject, or if you are planning a seminar, please contact me.  All talks are free.

Family Protection Trusts
I have entered an agreement to offer this product to prospective clients. The aim of the FPT is to protect assets from probate fees, sideways disinheritance, inappropriate inheritances, and unexpected claims from dependant relatives, incapacity issues and protecting assets from chargeable fees if the client has to go into care.  It is a proven product with many advantages and success stories.  The client retains control of the Trust and the Will continues to provide the final distribution of the estate through the Trust.  The main advantage is the value of the estate is maximised through savings in probate and care fees, which has the effect of leaving more money for the client’s family.
The other Trustees are solicitors who will always vote with the client and never take benefit from the Trust.
There are no ongoing fees, no problem to sell home and buy a new one, easy transfer of funds out of the Trust to pay living expenses and best of all, as the current law stands and subject to satisfying qualifying rules, it protects assets from payment of care fees.
Please contact me for more details and a detailed discussion on FPT.

How NOT to Avoid Care Costs
This is a cautionary tale. A parent ‘purchased’ his council house, but his son paid for it and placed a charge on the property to ensure repayment of his loan on the sale of the house.  The parent went into a care home but the local authority reviewed the house ‘purchase’ as a deliberate deprivation of an asset.  On the subsequent sale of the house, the local authority recovered all the proceeds as full payment of care fees.
This is a good example of where a Family Protection Trust would protected the asset and the son would have his loan repaid, and received an inheritance from his father instead of remaining in debt.  It is worth learning more about FPT – please contact Hay Tarn.