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Despite the warnings, many clients insist on storing their Will in their home.  I point out that it is not the ‘inevitable’ fire, burglary or flood that is the problem, it is the children drawing Postman Pat, pets chewing it, moving and losing the ‘box with important documents’, forgetting where it was safely put away, or nosy parkers who do not like what they stumble across and destroy it. Yes, it does happen.
A Willwriting colleague recently told me about a client who insisted on ‘home storage’.  Eight years later, she received a phone call from the client asking if the Will was still ok after the dog had chewed off the corner of the first page, and that because he had changed his mind on the distribution, added a new hand written list of beneficiaries and crossed out the old list!!!
When I present my informal talks, I also make an example of what can go wrong when storing a Will in the home, and a snigger at the misfortune of others issues forth. 
However, many people think in their case it might never happen. 
After the effort and in some cases, emotional energy expended, the only sure way to store your Will is in a purpose built storage facility.
Please don’t learn the hard way.