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Public Talks
May was a busy month for talks and exhibitions. I talked at libraries in Oldham, Lees, Hyde and Denton as well as the Delph Senior Citizens luncheon club.  I also attended Glossop’s Dying with Dignity event and St Mary’s school PTFA Greenfield local business day.  There was a general interest in Wills, but most people wanted to know about the advantages of the Family Protection Trust. 
I also spent a very enjoyable day at Oldham Carers group in the Phoenix Centre, Oldham.  I was pleasantly surprised to give two talks due to the popularity of my topic.  It was clear that many people are concerned about there own situations and are seeking help to prepare a satisfactory solution.  Week commencing Monday 13 June is Oldham Carer’s Week and there are several events taking place including an open day on Wednesday. I will be on hand to discuss Wills and Family Protection Trusts.

Family Protection Trusts
Last month I introduced the FPT and explained how they provide potential solutions to difficult inheritance issues, ensure continuation of management of assets within the Trust if the client loses mental capacity and save probate fees.  The interest in the FPT has been very encouraging and several clients have made appointments for further discussion on their own particular situations. 
If a client needs to prepare their Will or amend their current one, this is included free of charge and provides even more value for money. 

Probate Difficulties
I think we all have an example of a dispute when it comes to probate.  Despite the fact the testator has a fundamental right to state through his Will how his estate should be distributed on his death, there are many people who disagree and take the matter to court. 
These disputes are not restricted to the high profile arguments that reach the newspaper headlines, because there are many disputes involving small amounts of money and just as important points of principle. 
Resolving these issues requires impartiality, diplomacy, knowledge and in many cases large doses of common sense.  Hay Tarn is pleased to be associated with the Wilkes Partnership who specialise in resolving disputes arising out of Wills, estates and Trusts.
If you want advice on pre-action solutions, Court action, mediation or negligence please contact Hay Tarn before the issues spiral out of control.

‘Blunders’ found in some Wills
I recently reviewed an existing Will in which the solicitor had failed to change the word ‘husband’ to ‘wife’, ‘he’ to ‘she’ and ‘him’ to ‘her’.  Easily done.
I have also seen a home made Will witnessed by the sole beneficiary.  That was a tragedy.
Recently there was a court case to resolve the issues where the wife signed her husband’s Will and he signed hers.  The case failed and the Wills remained valid.
In another case, the sister signed her brother’s Will on his instruction because he was too weak to do it himself.  The judge declared the Will valid.
These cases are excellent reminders of the care required when overseeing checking and execution.