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I have revived my old blog on my ‘Life in Asia’ which can be found at


Some of you may know about three years ago I spent some time working in Singapore and Hong Kong.  At the same time, Khamma (my wife) and I built a house in north east Thailand.  The Life in Asia blog is an account of my escapades.  It is a good read with some interesting insights about living in Asia, and a few adventures I had along the way.
I decided to stop the blog when I returned to England, but now I want to revive it.  I hope you will visit it from time to time. 
I am going to Thailand soon and I am hoping to play again in the village band at local festivals and parties.  The band consists of drums similar to congas and a guitar like instrument called a pin.  You have to hear it to believe it, but there is so much fun when we go out.  I am the only foreigner in the area to play in such a band, and as a result I get a lot of attention.  June and July is the festival season and I am hoping for loads of gigs.  Follow this link for a flavour;