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I am looking forward to next week’s Saddleworth Show.  It is a typically local event with lots of family attractions where you can meet up with friends and let the children have some fun exploring attractions like duck herding, BMX trials and llamas.  There is also a host of traditional activities that make Saddleworth a great place to be, led by a fell race, morris dancing and brass bands.  There is also tree felling from the Welsh Axemen (http://www.welshaxemen.co.uk/) and a falconery display.
Perhaps Willwriting is the last thing on the minds of the 8,000 visitors expected to attend, but working with Jo Taylor from the Big Event Co, we are hoping to break down the barriers and make hints that preparing a Will is no different than buying insurance for the house.
We will have attractions to occupy the children whilst mum and dad can chat about appointing guardians, avoiding sideways disinheritance and leaving gifts to charities through a well prepared Will.  I am going to offer short 10 minute talks on appointing guardians, Wills of the rich and famous and why everyone should prepare a valid Will.
All we need is decent weather, and if today is anything to go by, we need to prepare for that as well.  I have visions of the gazebo taking off over Saddleworth Moor and being lashed by horizontal rain, but if we get a day like last Friday, we will be blessed indeed, nestled between the hills and being over looked by Pots and Pans. It is unique.
Wills should no longer be talked about in hushed tones.  It will be a pleasure to meet you next week if you drop by and say hello, and the sun decides to shine.
The link to Show’s webite is; http://saddleworthshow.org.uk/index.html