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An article in last Monday’s Times newspaper reveals that the Legal Services Board is investigating the Willwriting profession in response to a barrage of complaints relating to cowboy operators abusing vulnerable customers.
The story cites examples of badly written Wills, extortionate fees, high-pressure door-to-door sales techniques and even cases where the Willwriter has named himself as executor and included a £5,000 gift for the privilege!
This is naturally a huge concern to those of us trying to promote the highest standards of Willwriting and the Saddleworth Willwriter welcomes the LSB’s approach to flush out the rouges from under their stones.
Hay Tarn Wills is a full member of the Institute of Professional Willwriters and complies with their code of practice, which the Office of Fair Trading monitors.  It is the consumer’s assurance that Hay Tarn operates to the highest ethical and professional standards, and will always provide a Willwriting solution that meets their clients requirements and nobody else’s.
The LSB is conducting a ‘mystery shopping’ exercise to establish what kind of service consumers are receiving from all Willwriting companies, and will publish its results in July.  I hope they approach some of my clients because I am very confident of my work and the good name of the IPW and its code of practice under which I operate. 
Preliminary results have revealed hundreds of Wills incorrectly signed and witnessed, examples of ‘bait advertising’ where clients are hooked on promises of cheap Wills only to find that additional costs result in fees running into hundreds of pounds. 
IPW members are compelled to supervise the signing and witnessing of Wills they produce, and each client receives a letter of engagement, which stipulates the full cost of services provided before work commences.  In addition, Hay Tarn Wills does not accept payment until each client is satisfied with the service received.
Always ask your Willwriter for his professional credentials.  They should be proud to advertise they are qualified and actively promote the standards they have worked hard to achieve and maintain.