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After a fantastic time visiting friends and family in Thailand, it is, back to the world as we have made it.
The news is that I am now the Institute of Professional Willwriters North West area Meetings Co-ordinator.  I volunteered for this job for several reasons.  What does this mean to me?
Firstly, the formation of regional groups aims to provide additional training and development to the IPW members.  Willwriting in many cases is quite technical, but there are always solutions available in the Willwriter’s toolbox.  Local meetings will provide members with additional opportunity to learn about new products and solutions.
Secondly, Willwriters are often isolated and can become bogged down trying to find answers to problems.  For many Willwriters, the intellectual challenge is one reason why they like the job, but it is healthy to talk to other members, which create relationships helping, supporting and learning from each other.  Establishing an informal network for IPW local members provides the opportunity to meet and ultimately enhance the quality of service provided to the client.
Finally, the IPW is very prominent in the debate on regulating the Willwriting industry.  Last week the Legal Services Board published a report discussing regulation.  Through its code of practice, monitored by the Office of Fair Trading, the IPW has introduced self-regulation to assure consumers that its members operate under high standards.  I believe regional meetings will strengthen and support the IPW whilst the Willwriting profession goes through change for the good.
It is going to be hard work organising the area meetings, but it shows Hay Tarn’s commitment to the IPW and the Willwriting profession.  Clients will be confident that Hay Tarn is actively contributing to advance the image of Willwriting, and is proud to do so.