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How often do you back up your laptop?  Once a month?  When you remember?  Never?
Last weekend a friend of mine was telling me he was going to buy a new pc.  I told him I had never had any trouble with my trusty laptop in the three years since I bought it.  As I uttered the words I metaphorically touched wood, and then realised, I had produced demon thoughts and kisses of death.  I promptly backed up the important files on my laptop.
I was right.  Two days later, my laptop started playing up.
Of course, being without my laptop creates a gaping hole in my life.  However, if you lose the laptop and the data, it becomes an all together different scenario.  This experience is worse than an inconvenience, especially if you rely on it for your business.  The situation rises to DEFCOM 1 if you lose important files containing client records.  Suddenly, your plight is extremely serious throwing everyone into blind panic and a feeling of imminent catastrophe.
Because I have back ups in three separate places, I remained at DEFCOM 5, a state of ‘normal readiness’, with a smuggish glow!  However, the experience made me realise that preparing for the unexpected, or seeking leave to remain in a state of ‘normal readiness’, is not at all quirky; it is, in fact, a very good idea. 
For example, here is a list of things you can do that provides a smuggish glowing feeling;
  1. Replace the batteries in your burglar and fire alarms;
  2. Check the oil levels and tyre pressures in your car;
  3. Check that doors are locked and windows are closed before you leave the house;
  4. Turn the water off completely and drain the tank before going away in winter;
  5. Don’t have an extra beer if you are driving home tonight. 
OK, you get the message.  I am not a ‘fuss pot’, really I am not; I am ‘just saying’ that doing these things at the right time avoids panic because I like my stress free life, thank you very much.
But wait, the same issues arise if you have not prepared your Will at the right time.  Nearly two thirds of the adult population do not have a Will and the biggest excuse for not doing so is ‘putting it off until a later date’.
That is exactly the same excuse most people come up with when they cannot be bothered to back up their computer. 
Now here is the connection.  Consider how you would feel if your computer stopped working and you had not backed up for a few months; next consider your family and the position they would be left in if you had not prepared a Will and you suddenly died. 
I bet you would be mad if you lost important data.  However, I think your family would be distraught and utterly devastated if you suddenly died without a ‘back up’ of your life’s work and a ‘recovery plan’ that ensures hassle is minimised at a time of extreme loss.
Even more so, are you sure that your parents and grand parents have backed up their life’s work?

Does anyone need to prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney?

Does anyone want to prepare an Advance Decision?

Who wants to make sure that all of their estate is passed on to their beneficiaries at the right time without paying probate fees and possibly losing their house, and more, to care home fees?
There are products and services in the Hay Tarn Wills’ toolbox that ‘back up’ your life and create a ‘recovery plan’.  Your stress free life will exist in a state of normal readiness without the nagging fears that ‘I must get round to doing that’. 
It is just like failing to back up your laptop.  We know how foolish it is to ignore the warnings!