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There is no doubt that Saddleworth stands out as fantastic place in which to live or visit.  Of course, I would say that because I am a lucky resident with uninterupted views over the moors and I live in a valley where I never tire of gazing at the view at dawn, dusk and dead of night throughout the year in all seasons and all weather.  The dawn sun often burns off early morning mist, whilst the sun set casts shadows and colours over the moors straight from the artist’s palette.
There is another benefit to living in this wonderful place.  Saddleworth boasts of so many events it is difficult to keep track of them all.  This year we have seen the Whit walks, Band Contest, Arts Festival, Saddleworth Show, Yanks weekend, Beer Walk and Yorkshire Day.  This weekend saw the Rushcart Festival. 
A history of the tradition can be found here http://www.morrismen.saddleworth.org.uk/cart.html
We will also have the Saddleworth Olympics, Christmas lights, fell races, recitals and drag hunts in the weeks to come.
Not only that we have a canal celebrating its 200th birthday, steam trains running through the valley and some of the finest walking on a section of the Pennine Way.
All of this is to the benefit of local businesses from ice cream to tea cakes, from photographers to artists, from barbers to baby shops, and of course a Willwriter!
My gratitude and thanks go to all those that organise these brilliant events.