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Organising your family to help you

Over the summer (when was that?) there was a rise in the number of clients registering Lasting Powers of Attorney and Advance Decisions.  Elderly people especially are taking an interest in making sure that if they lose mental capacity, they do not leave their affairs in disarray for their family to sort out.

Lasting Power of Attorney

Without an LPA, the family will have to apply to the Court of Protection to appoint a Deputy.  This is a lengthy and costly process requiring ongoing annual maintenance and additional costs.  Registering an LPA is much less stressful and lots cheaper.  From 1 October, it costs £130, but if annual income is less than £12,000, it is £65.  Hay Tarn’s charge to complete the paperwork and register at the Office of the Public Guardian is £175. 

Advance Decision (Living Will)

An Advance Decision is the right to choose (or not choose) certain medical treatment if, at the material time, a patient does not have the capacity to make a decision.  It is topical subject with many Health Authorities joining in the debate.  It is also a very sensitive and emotional subject and one that many clients find difficulty in talking about.  I spend a lot of time patiently explaining the way the AD works and the essential requirement of regular review.  I visit the client twice and take great care to make sure they understand their decisions.  Hay Tarn’s charge is £60 including sending a copy AD to the client’s GP.

Funeral Plans

The cost of funerals is rising faster than the rate of inflation.  Latest costs are £3,500 for a simple funeral and rising over £5,000 for elaborate send offs.  Funeral plans are an effective way to control costs and a way for the client to plan the type of funeral they want, not what the family think they want.  The client can specify the funeral arrangements including what type of coffin, the service and even the reception afterwards.  The funeral plan is important in allowing a grieving family to have time to deal with the loss of a loved one, without the added responsibility of organising the funeral.  Funeral plans start from £2,700 and the cost is fixed.

The Will

A person’s Will is the most important document of all.  Regardless of how much the estate is valued at, the Will distributes the estate in the way that the deceased intends.  Of course, there may be argument afterwards, but the Will allows everyone to distribute their estate in the way they want it to be.  Experts in contentious probate can also deal with disputed Wills (phone for details).  Hay Tarn charges £80 for a single Will and £145 for most Mirror Wills.

Discounts on bundled products eg single Will, LPA and AD bundle saves £40 on list price

Latest Testimonial

Chris Davies is an Oldham resident and a Member of the European Parliament representing the North West of England.  He said: 

“It is hard for me to praise Ray Withnall more highly. He has now prepared wills for my mother, my wife and myself, and over the time that this took I found him always assiduous, clear, discrete and sensitive. I am very happy to recommend his services.”