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Many of you know that my wife is from Thailand.  Her English is excellent, but she has a one particular stock phrase she likes to use; ‘Same, same’.  She is referring to something that has not changed despite an effort to make a difference.
Over the last few weeks, I decided to concentrate on a few important business issues rather than pump out blogs, which, to be honest are probably hardly read anyway.  On picking up the blog again I changed the style, in case you had not noticed.  However, my first blog is related to a topic that is not new.  The Cowboy Willwriter.  Same Same Cowboy Willwriter.
They are still around influencing the public by their promises of cheap Wills.  I recently had an enquiry from an elderly couple to produce their Wills.  My charge for a simple mirror Will is £145.  I have been told this is far too cheap by one customer, but I have never been told I am too expensive! Until yesterday.
All prospective clients receive a Will Preparation Pack with terms of business, fact sheets, a questionnaire to help them with decisions on distribution, executors and so forth, and storage options.  I offer a professional service from start to finish
I arrange two visits to the client’s home; one to take instructions and a second to supervise the signing.  I advise client’s where they have less than straightforward circumstances and research complicated issues to offer practical solutions.  I then produce a draft Will for the client’s approval together with a detailed letter of comments and explanations.  Finally, at the supervised attestation, the client receives a quality bound Will and a copy for their file.  
However, the cowboys are back in town offering cheap Wills.  

Caveat Emptor.