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Who wants to talk about their funeral?  Well, in the grand scheme of things it isn’t the most popular topic, especially in the run up to Christmas.  However, after speaking to a few people, I am pleasantly surprised that it isn’t such a taboo subject I thought it was.
There three reasons to consider a funeral plan.  Cost, planning ahead and peace of mind.
The cost reason is obvious.  You by a plan, at a fixed price and that’s it.  There is nothing more to pay regardless of inflation and cost increases by local authorities for burial or cremation.  The average cost of a funeral in the year 2000 was £1,250.  That increased to £3,300 in 2012 and the projected cost in 2020 is £5,600.  The figures speak for themselves.  The cost of funerals is increasing well above the rise in inflation and your family will appreciate and welcome the savings made by paying for a funeral at today’s prices.
The planning ahead reason is not so obvious, but a quick story will explain.  Mrs P was a widow in her 80’s with two loving children, one living in Australia and the other in Canada.  Mrs P thought that if something happened to her, neither child could return quickly enough to organise the funeral and service at the local church.  When Mrs P purchased a funeral plan, she made all the arrangements herself and when she passed away her eldest son made just one phone call to the funeral plan company and Mrs P’s funeral was organised without further ado, retaining her dignity and respect.
The peace of mind reason in some ways is similar to the planning reason.  All the decisions regarding type of coffin, order of service, hymns and music and choices of where to be buried or the ashes scattered are personal decisions, and it is the personal involvement that avoids the difficult decision making and compromise often found when the family make their own decisions on your behalf.  There is another little story; Mr E had two sons (in their fifties), but they were at loggerheads and did not speak to one another.  Mr E decided that they would only argue and cause further distress if he left his funeral plans to their responsibility.  By purchasing a funeral plan Mr E made the important decisions himself, he prepared an order of service that avoided conflict, and the funeral was civil and dignified.
There is one final reason we often overlook.  It is looking after the children’s ‘pension’.  The next generation is finding it very difficult to afford a pension and, even if they are not direct, they will have thought that one day they will receive an inheritance.  Purchasing a funeral plan and fixing funeral costs at today’s prices means that there is more inheritance, and therefore pension, for your children and their family.