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Having taken the time, trouble and emotional effort to prepare your Will, it is wise to think where to store it.  Many people think it is good enough to store it in the home, in a box with other important documents.
This little tale may help you to change your mind.
Mrs S lived alone in rented accommodation.  She was 90 and had two sons.  The sons were at loggerheads with one another and had not spoken for over 6 years.  The elder son was at fault, so Mrs S decide to write him out of her Will.  She re-wrote her Will about 3 years ago but, against the advice given, she decided to keep in the box with all the other papers.
Sadly Mrs S died in hospital after a short illness.  The elder son took it upon himself to arrange the funeral and deal with her affairs.  He found the Will and obviously did not like what he read.  He destroyed it.
He was able to gather in his mother’s estate and pay the bills because it was relatively small and probate was not required.  Mrs S had saved a lot of cash in the box with the important papers!  Instead of dividing the remainder equally with his brother, the elder brother bypassed him and gave token gifts of money to his own children and his brother’s children.  As no-one can prove there was cash in the box, never mind how much, its whereabouts is a mystery.
This was not the result Mrs S had wanted, but was entirely possible due to the unwise decision to store her Will in the home.  Further action was considered by the younger brother, including bringing in the police, but the expense of a contesting his brother’s action proved too expensive and he dropped the case.
Hay Tarn recommends storing a Will with the National Will Safe, which is secure and safe from outcomes such as the one above.  Each Will is delivered personally to the Executor and a signature obtained, ensuring that Wills do not go missing accidentally or on purpose.